Who is Real World Mortgage?

Rob Segal – President:
I’ve always wanted to build a quality boutique style mortgage brokerage that is Realistic, Simple and Fast. Why? Because everyone has different conditions and circumstances and so everyone needs a personal customized mortgage solution, not the cookie cutter mortgage advice and products that are constantly offered in retail banking. It’s what people want; it’s what they deserve.”


Rob was born and raised in Calgary into a family steeped in the business of real-estate. He began working for a very large condominium developer in Vancouver in 1993, while attending Simon Fraser University. In that time, he assisted 100’s of families and individuals choose and purchase their homes. He later moved back to Calgary and worked for another very large condominium developer further assisting 100’s of people with the purchase of their homes.

He decided after finishing work on a large-scale downtown Calgary project that he would change sides of the desk and help purchasers’ to finance their homes and do it better than anyone else. Much of the decision for him arose from an observation that people were underserved in so many ways by banks and existing mortgage agents. Everything was rate focused, yet he noticed people often had troubles with the mortgages they were in because they received very poor advice. Even though their rates might have been low, relative to their time of financing, they ended up paying and wasting thousands of dollars because their bank advisor or mortgage agent lacked experience and foresight and didn’t ask borowers the right questions that could have saved them a lot of money in the long run and even the short run.

He also noticed a lack of reliable customer service. He didn’t understand why so many of the bank reps and mortgage agents didn’t answer their phones and return calls in a timely fashion to his clients when they were trying to make a purchase. “It really astounded me. Still does.”

He found that after his clients spoke to their bank or mortgage agent, they were frequently more confused than when they started and often lacked the confidence to go forward. “I found myself regularly explaining to clients the whole mortgage process from start to finish and crunching the numbers too. I’ve always wanted clients to have a realistic point of view of what they are getting into and how it fits in with their financial goals and life as a whole. And most of all how to profit from their real estate purchase. So, I got my mortgage license, set out to serve borrowers’ with customized personal mortgage solutions and I’ve never looked back.”

That’s why he decided to eventually start Real World Mortgage. Rob’s number one commitment is to offer great customer service that is realistic, simple and fast. Each client gets a personal customized mortgage solution and plenty of attention ensuring that every phone-call, email, and text is responded to promptly. And, the advice offered is grounded in years of real-estate and mortgage experience and in staying on top of financial markets and economic news so clients are always making well informed decisions and not getting the typical clichéed advice.

Rob is associated with Canadian Mortgage Professionals Inc., and offers the support of experienced mortgage assistants who share his vision of a simpler mortgage process and who ultimately come together for a common goal.

OUR MISSION: To Get The Best Results For You • Realistic – Simple – Fast.

Rob is also a member in good standing with the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association and the Real Estate Council of Alberta. In his personal life, Rob enjoys spending lots of time with his family and continues to play competitive tennis after 30 years.


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